I co-founded Gallarian Partners in early 2022 with my Eugenia Klemusch, an expert in ad tech and marketing. 

Gallarian Partners is a consulting and support services provider for charitable organisations. Our goal is to help these organisations achieve their full potential and make a positive impact on their communities. Our services include organisational development, operational efficiency, strategy development, and problem-solving. We also help with marketing and website / SEO improvements.

We have a team of industry experts and consultants who offer a wide range of expertise. We provide tailored and individualized support to meet the specific needs and goals of our charity partners.

At GP, we take a low-risk approach to partnering with charities. We begin by working with our charity partner to identify and solve one particular business problem. We start with an exploratory conversation to understand the problem, and then find the most suitable resource from our network to help solve it. By working together on a specific project, we can help our clients make a tangible impact within a short period of time while building relationships and learning from each other.

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Big thanks to Gallarian Partners Non-Profit for supporting Chronically Brown to develop further in an area that I had no experience in. I am super grateful for the support we received from them.

After a short consultation with Janko he was able to match me with an expert in marketing to support our comms strategy. aThey had so many insightful comments and tips to include that I didn’t think of previously.

 That outside perspective was really invaluable to our work, especially as a start-up that is trying to find their feet.
Would recommend you get in touch with Janko Venhorst if you are struggling to find a solution to a problem. Sometimes you just need an expert in the area that has tackled the issue before!

Sukhjeen Kaur
Founder, Chronically Brown