I’m Janko Venhorst and I’m happy to welcome you to my website. I’m currently based in London. I moved here around 6 years ago, originally from the north of Germany after living in sunny Australia for a while.

My expertise lies in management consulting, where I specialise in areas such as transformation and change management, programme management, and efficiency improvements. Additionally, I help clients recover initiatives that may be struggling to get off the ground.

In early 2022, I co-founded a non-profit organisation called Gallarian Partners, which focuses on providing pro bono support to other charities. Since our inception, we’ve had the pleasure of helping several organisations improve their operations, refine their strategies, and enhance their marketing efforts. Through our partners, we have made an impact on 5000+ people and worked across topics such as poverty relief, disability, mental health, and work with your organisations.

Professional Experience

My bio and some more information about my professional experience

Gallarian Partners

The non-profit organisation I co-founded with community development and helping other charities increase their impact

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